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On a Mission to Evolve Human Potential

Our mission at Beyond Sapiens is to evolve human potential. But what does that mean?

We have been Sapiens for a very – very – long time, and now, with the advancements in science and the convergence of exponential technology, we are on the verge of societal quantum leaps that will redefine our existence.

We can, literally, evolve from our Sapiens nature.

But this abundant future is not inevitable. There are still so many challenges and injustices we need to solve.

We, entrepreneurs, are the true driving force of change, and it’s up to us to create that future of abundance. As each of us reaches our moonshot goals, slowly but surely, that future will become a reality. 

What if we could, somehow, reach that future faster?

We do think it’s possible. The key is tapping into your hidden potential.

That potential can be hidden by a variety of factors: from thoughts, behaviors, beliefs, and habits, to an unoptimized physiology, just to mention a few. We could blame external factors – society, economics, dogma, etc. – but in the end, it’s up to each of us. 

Every day, we get to decide who we want to be. And the powerful thing is, we can change!

That’s why the key to evolution starts from within us. If you continuously optimize your physiology, mindset, and behavior, you can literally transform your lifeAnd by investing this newly found potential into your mission, you will literally reach the future faster, discover a new level of fulfillment, all while contributing to creating a more equitable world for future generations.



Our pursuit is to make a lasting, positive mark on the world. We believe that the true measure of our work is the beneficial ripple it creates in the lives of others and the environment we inhabit.


We are dedicated to the relentless pursuit of excellence and growth. We’re never satisfied with the status quo, so we must continue to grow and evolve in every area of business and life to bring our vision to life.


We strongly believe humanity is leveraging only a fraction of its potential. The key to unlocking such potential is leveraging science and technology to significantly expand our human lifespan, healthspan, and impact.


Vision is our compass. It guides us to new horizons of human potential. We boldly explore new paths, driven by our vision to make breakthroughs that benefit everyone and evolve our species.


We stand for the equality of all life. We champion the dignity, value, and potential of every individual and species, advocating for a world where every being can flourish in harmony.

MEET THE beyond sapiens team


Alessandro Carpentiero


Founder & Co-CEO​

After exploring multiple career paths and achieving success in different fields, I found myself out of shape and unfulfilled. Everything changed after I revolutionized my health & well-being. After being coached by Olympic coaches and going all-in in the art of Human Optimization, I’m now on my life’s mission to help others live long, meaningful lives.


Linda Grönfors M.Sc

Grönfors M.Sc

Founder & Co-CEO​

Throughout my career, I have gained experience working with various organizations as a personal trainer and now as an entrepreneur and coach. I focus on promoting holistic health for longevity by emphasizing the mind-body connection that drives us as humans. I am deeply ingrained in Psychology, Performance & Human Optimization.

Jukka Rajala


Movement Coach

Hanna Härkönen


Movement Coach

Dr Anna Maria Londero - Beyond Sapiens Nutritionist Biologist

Dr. Anna Maria Londero

Dr. Anna
Maria Londero

Nutritionist Biologist

Abbie Rogan PhD

Rogan PhD

Scientific Advisor

Elisabetta Burchi MD, MBA

Burchi MD, MBA

Scientific Advisor


While working for the same company, Linda and Alessandro became good friends and discovered they were on a similar, yet different, personal mission. That’s when they decided to join forces to create something far greater than they could have done individually, and that’s how Beyond Sapiens was born.


Linda Grönfors M.Sc.

Founder & Co-CEO

Why do I choose holistic health and longevity?

My mission is to empower people and unleash the full potential of humanity through transformative living. Let me share my personal journey.

It all began in my childhood where I learned the value of nourishing food, physical activity, and hard work. Growing up with health-conscious and entrepreneurial parents was a blessing, as it instilled in me a deep understanding of the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

From the tender age of four, I embarked on various athletic pursuits like dance, gymnastics, and horseback riding. These activities not only became my passion but also taught me invaluable lessons about my body and its capabilities. However, my quest for knowledge and self-improvement did not stop there. I yearned to comprehend my biology and optimize my physique, leading me to pursue certifications as a personal trainer and nutritionist at the age of 19, following my intuition and passion.

As I shaped my physical capabilities, I realized there was another aspect of my well-being to explore—the power of the mind. In 2017, I began a daily meditation practice and pursued higher education in business at one of Finland’s top business universities. while studying neuroscience and psychology on the side. Fast forward five years, and I hold a master’s degree in science economics, making significant strides in my physical and mental journey.

I have embraced a vegetarian lifestyle for 5 years, been a proud vegan for two years, and remained alcohol-free for over a year. My dedication to strength training has been consistent for almost a decade, while dance and gymnastics have been a part of my life.

Now, what about my professional journey? Starting from humble beginnings, working at 14 to afford my passion for horseback riding, I have traversed various roles, including sales, strategy, IT, research, leadership, and entrepreneurial ventures to now stand as the chairwoman of my company, Beyond Sapiens.

But every story contains a defining moment that awakens your awareness and deepens your appreciation for your health. For me, that moment came when I experienced burnout due to overworking, leading to severe hormonal issues.

Adding to this, I went through an ectopic pregnancy, resulting in a ruptured fallopian tube and acute internal bleeding that brought me in touch with the feeling of death. In a time before modern medicine, this would have been a common cause of mortality for young females, and I would not have survived beyond the age of 24.

This life-altering experience profoundly underscored the importance of the medical advancements we have today. It sparked a new perspective, leading me to realize the significance of using medicine proactively to understand my body before illness strikes. I hold the hope that medicine will increasingly embrace a preventive approach in the coming decades, empowering individuals to maximize their health and well-being.

But how do all these experiences connect?

Throughout my life, I have fostered a mindset of continuous growth, always seeking new challenges and exploring the depths of my capabilities and the world around me. Retrospectively, I see how each endeavor was intricately tied to maximizing the potential of both my mind and body while creating an environment conducive to their prosperity. Isn’t this the essence of longevity—living our best lives today while striving for an extended, healthy, and impactful existence?

My holistic approach to life has continuously revealed new versions of myself—physically, mentally, and skill-wise. Everything I have learned and experienced on this journey, as well as my ongoing discoveries, I wish to share with the world so that collectively, we can maximize our health, our lives, and our impact.

The power to achieve this transformation lies within all of us; we need only work on ourselves, one aspect at a time, to unlock our true potential


Alessandro Carpentiero

Founder & Co-CEO

“What do you want to do when you grow up?”
“I want to use my passionate pursuit of mastery and optimization to optimize & evolve human potential.”

That is the answer I would have given if career day had been today. But of course, I had no idea about it back then. It took me 34 years to figure this answer out, and the discovery process was far from linear. 

It all started when I was a kid. I got bored easily in school, as I didn’t understand how learning most of those things would benefit me. I felt that my mind wasn’t being cultivated or challenged enough. I needed more. So, in my spare time, I began exploring fields that looked far more interesting: music, technology, and photography.
From 9 years of age until my early 20’s, besides following the traditional education, I studied three instruments (saxophone, piano, and singing), composed music, built computers, took pictures, and learned a ton of software, just to mention a few.

I always had something to do. I was accumulating knowledge and skills, but when it was time to choose a college, I didn’t know what I wanted to do.
After 18 months of Computer Science, I dropped out. That wasn’t easy, as I found myself with no clear goals & dreams. But still, I kept looking.
In the process, I found a field that blended logic & rationality with creativity: Design. “That’s me,” I thought, and I was hooked. And four years later, I had my degree as an Industrial Product Designer. That career suited me perfectly, but I still felt it wasn’t it. So, I kept looking.

I got a job as IT Manager while pursuing another one of my big passions: photography. And in just a few years, hundreds of thousands of people started following my work while I was shooting travel & architecture pictures worldwide. I was a successful photographer, but I still felt it wasn’t it.

I was overweight, eating unhealthy, not doing any kind of exercise, and most importantly, I was not really happy. 

I had excessively focused on external results and accomplishments, forgetting that which truly matters: ultimate fulfillment.

This was the result of poor life choices, compounded over time. 

Getting better was the only option, and I decided to do that by focusing on improving my mind and body. That’s where another chapter began.

I adopted an athlete’s lifestyle to maximize my body and my mind by getting coached for 2 years by the same performance center that coached the 100m spring gold medalist at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. All while devouring countless books and instructional materials about a wide variety of topics, such as  business, habits, mindset, productivity, psychology, neuroscience, nutrition, and training

I quit alcohol, became vegan, and adopted a wide variety of science-based protocols, ultra consistently for several years. My overall well-being skyrocketed. I became more peak-performing than I ever thought possible, but it was not just about “being healthy.” For me, optimizing my physiology has been the gateway to unlocking a whole new level of my consciousness. I found a whole new sense of purpose that has guided me ever since.

For most of my life up to that point, I had leveraged only a fraction of my true human potential. And I started to wonder “What would happen if every individual would be able to experience this kind of transformation?”.

That would change society’s trajectory, figuratively – and maybe even literally – evolving human potential.

And as I was reading The Art of Learning, it all clicked. I had spent my entire life looking for a specific endeavor I could excel at. Still, I didn’t find the answer in Music, Design, Photography, or Management, no matter the level of excellence I achieved. That is because what I am made for is the Art of Human Optimization.

So, I let go of all the beliefs and identities that were defining me, and I stepped into my life’s mission with Beyond Sapiens.

I believe we are ultimately defined by the legacy we leave this world with, and that for me, is to help others live long, meaningful lives. That’s what I purpusefully and wholeheartedly decided to dedicate my life to, so that I can contribute, in my own way, to evolving human potential.

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