Peak innovation Accelerator
for Executives

Elevating Executive Innovation in 12 Weeks

In the fast-paced race of technological advancement, the true edge lies in human innovation and leadership. That’s why we designed the Peak Potential Accelerator for Executives. This program will elevate the performance, creativity, and resilience of your top management, ensuring continuous growth and innovation for your company.

Post-major milestones, executives often grapple with mounting pressures and stress that can cloud judgment and dampen innovation. Without targeted intervention, this can significantly derail the momentum of your organization.

Through 1-on-1 coaching that integrates Performance Science & Neuroscience, where we develop a customized blueprint to enhance each executive’s bio-individuality, neurodiversity, and unique performance potential. This approach seamlessly integrates with the executives’ current responsibilities, ensuring they can elevate their performance and innovation without interrupting their workflow or requiring them to step away from their critical roles.

Elevating executive performance directly impacts the entire organization’s trajectory towards innovation, efficiency, and sustainable growth. It’s about setting new standards for success in your industry.

Adopting a 1-on-1, human-centric and science-driven approach to the executive with sustainable short– and long-term benefits.

AI, robotics, biotechnology, and everything around you is growing exponentially. Don’t let your executives be left behind; get in touch with us today!


How do we achieve this?

Through 1-on-1 human optimization consulting, we leverage the unique bio-individuality, needs, and ambitions of your executives. Our approach employs a science-driven blueprint tailored to each leader, designed to significantly enhance their excellence and innovation capacity. This personalized approach will elevate their leadership impact and strategic contributions like never before.

key results for the executive

Reduced Stress

Science-driven strategies to manage stress, sharpen focus, and sustain decision-making clarity.

Heightened Cognitive Performance

Boost mental agility, strategic foresight, and creative problem-solving.

Increased Productive Output

Elevate efficiency and output quality, driving forward organizational objectives.

Renewed Innovation Power

Ignite a culture of innovation, pushing boundaries and setting new market standards.

This Program Is Especially for You If:​

You’re a Visionary Leader or HR Professional:
You recognize the paramount importance of nurturing top-tier leadership within your organization. You’re committed to empowering your executives with the tools they need to excel in an ever-evolving business landscape.

You Understand the Value of Optimized Leadership:
You know that the success of your organization hinges on the performance, well-being, and innovative capacity of your executive team. You’re looking for scientifically-backed methods to enhance their effectiveness.

You Aim to Address the Challenges of Leadership Transitions:
Whether it’s navigating post-milestone pressures or preparing for new leadership roles, you seek to provide your executives with the resilience and clarity needed for these critical periods.

You’re Focused on Long-Term Organizational Success:
Beyond immediate outcomes, you aim for sustained growth, innovation, and market leadership. You believe in investing in human capital as the bedrock of achieving these goals.

You Believe in the Synergy Between Human and Business Performance:
You’re convinced that enhancing executive performance is not just about personal development but is intrinsically linked to the broader success of your organization. You’re ready to embrace a program that bridges this gap with precision and care.

how we do this:
the beyond sapiens method

The Beyond Sapiens Method is our science-driven methodology to accelerate individual & team potential. It does so by distilling 20 years of combined experience into a 12-week program at the intersection of Performance Science & Neuroscience. Not only that, but it uniquely bridges the gap between human performance & business performance, providing a holistic approach that goes beyond fitness, stress management, and work performance.

what they say about us

Our science-driven approach has transformed the lives of entrepreneurs, high performers, and athletes. Learn how they did it, and how your executives can do it too!

I finally started writing the book I kept putting off for the past 5 years, all while starting a new business.
Entrepreneur & Athlete
I was already working hard, but now the quantity and quality of my work has increased to a new level.
Entrepreneur & Researcher
It's helped both my business and personal life. I now have more time for my newly born child, and I can run my 2 businesses with clarity and low stress.
I've never felt healthier and more balanced. My biological age is now 20 years younger than my chronological age.
MD & Researcher


We founders have over two decades of combined experience cracking the code of peak performance and human optimization. We have tested hundreds of different approaches, protocols, and technology to find what works and what doesn’t. We know for a fact that combining Performance Science and Neuroscience is the missing element to transform your life and business. 


Alessandro Carpentiero


Founder & Co-CEO

My entrepreneurial experience spans from music, design, computer science, and photography. After traveling the world and reaching millions of people with my images, I realized there was one thing in common with each of my endeavors: optimization. After helping build a company in the personal development industry and being coached by olympic coaches, I’m now on a mission to evolving human potential through performance optimization.


Linda Grönfors M.Sc

Grönfors M.Sc

Founder & Co-CEO

I started my entrepreneurial journey at the age of 14, worked 6 jobs simultaneously at the age of 19, became a Market Leader at the age of 23, and started my first global business at the age of 25 until exploring my true passion, co-founding Beyond Sapiens at 26. Throughout my life, I’ve always prioritized healthy habits, done sports, and competed on a national level while spreading my positive energy to the people around me. So, I’m dedicating my life to really doing it all, and I am on a personal mission to unlock the unlimited potential that is inside each and every one of us.

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Do you have any questions about the Peak Potential Accelerator for Startups? Simply email us at [email protected] or read our FAQ below for more information.

You will get the most holistic and comprehesive approach to your health & longevity. Benefits include reduced costs, the availability of the latest medical technologies, AI-based smart reports and compliance with international quality standards.

You will stay at The Leela Palace Chennai, a stunning 5-star hotel, 30 minutes from Chennai international airport, where the AIWO Wellness Center (our on-site partner) is based.

Yes, they can also take part in the retreat! Or if they do not take part in the retreat program, sharing the room would cost an additional charge.

Yes! The Beyond Sapiens Retreat covers food and accommodation at the 5-star The Leela Palace Chennai, as well as laundry and airport transportation costs. Alcohol is not included, and we do not recommend taking alcohol during your stay.

You can apply online for a tourist visa by following this link: https://indianvisaonline.gov.in. If needed, we can also assist when required.

We and our on-site partner AIWO, follow ethics and privacy guidelines to protect your medical records, personal health information about therapies and mental health needs.

Yes! Both Alessandro and Linda will be at the retreat. They will also host on-site workshops to further evolve your human potential.

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