Peak innovation Accelerator
for scaleups

Evolving Founders Into Scale-Proof Leaders

Are you an investor or accelerator looking to elevate the growth & impact of the visionary entrepreneurs you’re backing? 

The Peak Innovation Accelerator for Startups is a human optimization coaching program that evolves founders into scale-proof leaders. 


Innovation Capacity

Leadership Skills

AI, robotics, biotechnology, and everything around you is growing exponentially.
Don’t let your teams be left behind; get in touch with us today!

The Problem

Founding teams struggling to scale alongside the business without burning out.

How We Solve It

Through 1-on-1 human optimization coaching.

Why We Do It

To evolve founders into scale-proof leaders.

What Sets Us Apart

Leveraging founders’ unique biology and neurodiversity.

the value proposition

Reduced Stress

Reduce stress for clearer decision-making.

Collective Innovation Capacity

Amplify your team’s creative synergy to shape industry trends and lead market innovation.

Elevated Leadership Skills

Enhance leadership skills to evolve founders into future-proof leaders.

our progressive programs

Our tiered programs are designed to compound in value and build on top of each other.

  • The 5-week program establishes a foundation in productivity and cognitive enhancement.
  • It is then extended in the 4-month program focusing on team innovation.
  • The full 12-month experience encompasses all the benefits of shorter programs and further harnesses each individual’s biological advantage for long-term peak performance.


Double Productivity 
& Cognitive Performance

This initial program lays the groundwork by focusing on immediate improvements in personal productivity and mental performance.


Collective Innovation

The 4-month program leverages the power of bio-individuality to and neurodiversity to enhance innovation capacity and team performance.


Reach Sustained
Peak Performance

The 12-month program expands further into optimizing each individuals’ biological advantages for sustained peak performance.

Our Programs Are for You If:

You’ve Invested in Visionaries.
You back entrepreneurs with disruptive visions and want them fully equipped to realize their ambitious goals.

You Value Collaborative Innovation.
You understand a scale-up’s success is driven by its team’s synergy and cohesion.

You Aim to Navigate the Scaling Challenges Effectively.
You’re committed to steering post-funding phases smoothly to sustain the scaleup’s growth.

You’re In It for the Long Haul.
You believe in nurturing your investment for lasting innovation and profitability through human performance.

You Believe in Human Potential.
You’re ready to bridge the human-business gap, enhancing the founders’ performance with scientifically tailored coaching & blueprint.

what we deliver

Innovation Potential

Pinpointing growth opportunities.


Aligning individual growth with team goals.


Synchronizing team efforts toward innovation.


 Habits and strategies for each team member’s path to peak performance.

how it works

1-12 Months

From 5 weeks to 12 months, depending on your unique goals.

100% Remote

Convenience and accessibility for your team, from anywhere.

1h / Week

Integrating into the founder’s schedule without disrupting workflow.

what makes us different

Our 1-on-1 human optimization coaching leverages your team members’ unique bio-individuality, needs, and goals to design a science-driven blueprint to accelerate their innovation potential and performance like never before.

Based on
Individual’s Biology



How We Leverage Bio-individuality

Starting from the 4-month program, we harness the power of bio-individuality to tailor our approach to the customer’s unique biological profile. This allows us to customize each intervention further to maximize its effectiveness and long-term impact.


Understanding gene expression and biological age to map the current state, performance potential, and biggest areas of improvement to start leveraging the bio-individual advantage.

Gut Microbiome

Analyzing the critical gut-brain connection to design interventions for enhanced mental clarity and immune function.


Evaluating hormonal levels to identify imbalances and tailor wellness strategies that enhance focus, energy, and stress resilience.


Monitoring sleep and stress, providing data to fine-tune daily routines and enhance rest and productivity.

behind the program:
the beyond sapiens method

The Beyond Sapiens Method is the science-driven methodology we deploy into our programs. It’s based on the latest Performance Science and Neuroscience, strongly based on research, and constantly updated based on the most recent findings.

case studies

Transforming Leadership and Innovation

What can you expect from our programs? Here are some case studies to give you an idea of the impactful results we provide. For privacy, we’ve kept client details confidential.

Streamlined Leadership for Scaling Success

  • Who: G.M., Serial Entrepreneur
  • Challenge: Busy entrepreneur struggles to expand his business while caring for his newborn.
  • Outcome: Realigned priorities and daily habits to free up time for both business and family, leading to the successful launch of a new product line.

Health as the Foundation of Productivity

  • Who: M.W., Founder
  • Challenge: Company founder faced declining energy, affecting her leadership & work.
  • Outcome: Customized physiological optimization to improve energy levels, enabling more efficient work without late hours.

Founder Growth & Evolved Leadership

  • Who: C.N., Founder & CEO
  • Challenge: The CEO handles a wide range of responsibilities, which leads to long hours and less time invested in high-impact activities.
  • Outcome: Transitioning from managing operations to leading strategic growth and brand exposure by improving her leadership skills and streamlining workflows towards key activities.

Priority Optimization for Growth

  • Who: D.M., Founder
  • Challenge: Founder struggles to prioritize his tasks due to the overwhelm of the growth phase.
  • Outcome: Implemented strategic time management, which led to efficient business scaling and even carving out time to start authoring an industry-relevant book.


We founders have over two decades of combined experience cracking the code of peak performance and human optimization. We have tested hundreds of different approaches, protocols, and technology to find what works and what doesn’t.

We know for a fact how you can do the exact same but in a much shorter timeframe. And no matter how great you’re performing today, we can guarantee you there is a next level for your performance, and we will help you find that.


Alessandro Carpentiero


Founder & Co-CEO

My entrepreneurial experience spans from music, design, computer science, and photography. After traveling the world and reaching millions of people with my images, I realized there was one thing in common with each of my endeavors: optimization. After helping build a company in the personal development industry and being coached by olympic coaches, I’m now on a mission to evolving human potential through performance optimization.


Linda Grönfors M.Sc

Grönfors M.Sc

Founder & Co-CEO

I started my entrepreneurial journey at the age of 14, worked 6 jobs simultaneously at the age of 19, became a Market Leader at the age of 23, and started my first global business at the age of 25 until exploring my true passion, co-founding Beyond Sapiens at 26. Throughout my life, I’ve always prioritized healthy habits, done sports, and competed on a national level while spreading my positive energy to the people around me. So, I’m dedicating my life to really doing it all, and I am on a personal mission to unlock the unlimited potential that is inside each and every one of us.

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You will get the most holistic and comprehesive approach to your health & longevity. Benefits include reduced costs, the availability of the latest medical technologies, AI-based smart reports and compliance with international quality standards.

You will stay at The Leela Palace Chennai, a stunning 5-star hotel, 30 minutes from Chennai international airport, where the AIWO Wellness Center (our on-site partner) is based.

Yes, they can also take part in the retreat! Or if they do not take part in the retreat program, sharing the room would cost an additional charge.

Yes! The Beyond Sapiens Retreat covers food and accommodation at the 5-star The Leela Palace Chennai, as well as laundry and airport transportation costs. Alcohol is not included, and we do not recommend taking alcohol during your stay.

You can apply online for a tourist visa by following this link: https://indianvisaonline.gov.in. If needed, we can also assist when required.

We and our on-site partner AIWO, follow ethics and privacy guidelines to protect your medical records, personal health information about therapies and mental health needs.

Yes! Both Alessandro and Linda will be at the retreat. They will also host on-site workshops to further evolve your human potential.

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