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Leverage Your Unique Biology

At Beyond Sapiens, we firmly believe in leveraging the latest science, research, and technology to help you reach your longevity goals. After all, we’re all highly unique, and what works for some might literally be detrimental to your well-being.

So, how can you know what your body truly needs to thrive?

Precision medicine testing is the answer!


Up to this point, only our Longevity Coaching clients had access to our state-of-the-art precision medicine testing, but what if you’re not ready to commit to a 3-month coaching program? Or maybe you feel like you’re already living the healthiest life possible and don’t need our help?

That’s why we’ve create three unique bundles of advanced precision medicine testing that cover the three most impactful areas of your being: Gut microbiome, DNA sequencing, and epigenetics. Thanks to these tests, developed by our precision medicine partner – who has developed state-of-the-art precision medicine testing for over a decade – you will access key insights about your health, which you will be able to apply immediately to your nutrition and lifestyle.


Optimize Your Gut Health

Gain the tools to optimize your gut health and address issues like dysbiosis and leaky gut syndrome.

Unlock Genetic Insights

Understand your genetic predispositions, enabling you to make proactive choices for a healthier future.

Informed Decision-Making

Make data-driven decisions about your diet, supplementation, and lifestyle to align with your unique genetic makeup.

Lifelong Guidance

What you will learn from the different DNA testing modules will serve you for your lifetime, and it will be an invaluable ally to truly optimize for longevity.


Simply place the order from our website. We ship worldwide, and there won’t be custom fees to pay, given that what you receive is not a product but a testing kit. Our tests are shipped from Italy with express shipping and usually arrive within 1-3 business days after the order has been placed.

Now it’s time to take your sample! Inside the package, you will find detailed instructions on how to do it most optimally. If you have any questions, we’ll be right here to support you.

Inside the package, you will also find a prepaid label (UPS or FedEx) and a pouch with which to ship back the sample to the lab. Every cost is already included

The lab will receive your test within a couple of days. Now you’ll just have to wait for the analysis time (usually 30 days) to receive a fully comprehensive and detailed report. The report will not only include your results but also food/lifestyle/supplement recommendations based on your results.

The precision medicine report can get pretty technical but don’t worry, included in the price, you also have a video consultation with our Nutritional Biologist, who specializes in precision medicine testing.


The Gut Health Evolved is our entry-level bundle. It includes our advanced gut microbiome test, a comprehensive report, shipping (both ways), and a video consultation with our nutritional biologist. This bundle is ideal if you want to have an immediate “snapshot” of your gut health and understand what you need to do to optimize your second brain.

  • Discover the Power of Microbiome Analysis: Are certain bacteria species dominating your gut ecosystem? Identify potentially troublesome pro-inflammatory bacteria. Detect imbalances in essential beneficial bacteria, such as lactobacillus and bifidus.

  • The Role of Beneficial Bacteria: Beneficial bacteria in your gastrointestinal system are key players in the realms of food digestion, nutrient absorption, and immune system regulation. Imbalances in your gut (dysbiosis) can trigger chronic low-grade inflammation, which is often linked to the development of conditions like leaky gut syndrome.

  • Understanding Leaky Gut: Leaky gut syndrome can manifest as various symptoms, including food intolerances, digestive issues, colitis, obesity, autoimmune disorders, and even mood disturbances like depression.

  • Your Comprehensive Report: Our detailed report not only unveils your microbiome’s secrets but also offers personalized recommendations. Discover insights into dietary adjustments, suggested supplements, and beneficial probiotics to help you restore harmony to your intestinal flora.


The Nutrition Evolved bundle includes everything from Bundle 1 + DNA sequencing with 3 specific “modules” about nutrition. This bundle is ideal if you want to deeply understand how your body processes food, so you can truly optimize your nutrition.



The Longevity Evolved bundle includes everything from Bundle 1 & Bundle 2, plus two additional DNA modules related to anti related to anti-aging and detox. Additionally, you will also test your 7 key hormone levels to understand how to evolve your longevity journey. This bundle is ideal if you want an all-in-one precision medicine testing solution that will serve you for the rest of your life.



You’re one step away from reaching a whole new level of optimization for your health and longevity. Prevention is the best form of medicine, and thanks to our precision medicine testing you will have a comprehensive overview of your unique biology to accelerate your evolution journey.

Gut Health Evolved

  • Gut Microbiome Test
  • Advanced Report
  • Report Reading
  • Shipping & Return Label

Nutrition Evolved

  • All from the "Gut Health Evolved"
  • DNA Sequencing
  • 3 DNA Modules

Longevity Evolved

  • All From "Gut Health Evolved"
  • DNA Sequencing
  • 5 DNA Modules​
  • Longevity Hormone Testing
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