Beyond Sapiens retreat

The Ultimate Healthcation Experience

August 8-14th 2024 @ The Leela Palace Chennai, India

Imagine staying 7 days in a 5-star hotel while getting the most in-depth, 360° overview of your mind, body, and spirit. That’s the Beyond Sapiens Retreat.

 In an exclusive partnership with AIWOone of the world’s most advanced health & biohacking centers, we have designed this retreat to provide you with the most curated, all-inclusive health & longevity experience.

From 181 blood biomarker analysis to full body MRI, DEXA scan, epigenetic/DNA/gut microbiome/VO2 max testing, and much more, you will get the most complete assessment of your health you’ve ever taken at a fraction of the cost. 

Not only that, but you will be supported and guided by us, together with a team of highly experienced physicians, physiotherapists, and personal trainers.

The result? A transformative, all-inclusive, 7-day experience to evolve your human potential. 

P.S. 10 spots available!

5-star hotel

181 biomarkers + full body assessments

AI-based smart
reports & consultation

Spa like services &
haute Indian cuisine

Beyond Sapiens Workshops


Real Stories of Transformation

Before we dive into all the details of the retreat, let’s hear it directly from those who have already experienced it!

All-inclusive luxury experience

Why take a vacation when you can take a luxury healthcation?

The Beyond Sapiens Retreat is an all-inclusive 7-day journey into wellness & longevity. It is tailored to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit through a meticulously curated program of science-driven health assessments and therapies, all while enjoying a luxurious stay at a 5-star hotel.

Where You Will Be Staying: The Leela Palace Chennai

The Beyond Sapiens Retreat is hosted at the esteemed The Leela Palace Chennai, part of “The Leela Palaces, Hotels & Resorts”, which have been celebrated as the World’s Best Hotel Brand by Travel + Leisure, USA, in 2020 and 2021, and ranking in the top 3 in 2023. This venue embodies the height of Indian luxury hospitality, providing an unforgettable experience in a setting that beautifully captures the essence of India’s rich heritage. 

Better Than a Vacation: Healthcation.


Your all-inclusive experience includes an incredible wide range of health screenings, therapies, holistic services, and much more — everything you need to get the best healthcation you could possibly imagine.

Comprehensive Health Screenings

  • Blood Biomarker Analysis: In-depth analysis of 181 profile complete blood and urine tests.
  • Imaging and Scans: Full body MRI, DEXA scan for bone density, and ultrasound screening of the abdomen and pelvis.
  • Heart Health: Electrocardiogram (ECG) and echocardiogram (ECHO) assessments.
  • Fitness Testing: Treadmill test (TMT), VO2 Max test, and body composition analysis.
  • Nutritional Assessment: Consultation with a dietician, omega 3 inflammatory assessment, and amino acid profile.
  • Advanced Diagnostics: Including GMBT (Gut Microbiome Test), genetic and epigenetic testing, and food intolerance tests.
  • Specialized Consultations: Access to a range of specialists based on your personalized health needs.

Exclusive Therapies and Holistic Services

  • IV Spa Therapy: Sessions enriched with vitamins & antioxidants.
  • Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation: Tailored stretching, stability training, and Ashiatsu therapies.
  • Skin and Body Treatments: Hydrafacial, carbon laser facial, and Sculpt treatment for total rejuvenation.
  • Relaxation and Recovery: Sauna sessions, foot reflexology, and massage therapies for holistic well-being.

Beyond Sapiens Workshops

  • Beyond Sapiens Workshops: Join the Beyond Sapiens Workshops hosted by Alessandro and Linda to discover the latest strategies for evolving your human potential.
  • Meet Alessandro and Linda, the founders of Beyond Sapiens. Have meaningful conversations and leverage their 20 years of combined experience in using Performance Science and neuroscience to evolve human potential.

Mindful & Cultural Experiences

  • Mindful Practices: Engage in mindfulness, yoga, and meditation workshops designed for mental clarity and emotional balance.
  • Culture: Experience the rich heritage of Chennai through specially curated cultural outings.

Post-Retreat Support

  • Beyond Sapiens Consultation: You will benefit from a post-retreat Beyond Sapiens consultation with either Alessandro or Linda.
  • AIWO Consultation: Follow-up consultation with AIWO medical staff.
  • Supplements: 30-day personalized supplement plan designed to sustain and enhance the retreat’s benefits.

Download the sample report

Are you curious to understand the incredible insights you’ll get about your health and longevity? Click the button below to download the 85-page sample report!

The report is pretty complex, but do not worry; everything will be effortless for you. A team of professionals will be there ready to assist you and guide you every step of the way.

The Beyond Sapiens Retreat Is for You If:

You Want the Best for Your Health.
You’re looking for an all-inclusive, highly customized health & longevity retreat in a luxurious setting.

You Want to Save Time and Money.
In just a few days, you’ll get access to all the imaginable health tests at a fraction of the cost, which would take you much more time and money elsewhere.

You’re Ready for a Transformation.
You’re at a point in your life where you’re ready to make significant, lasting changes.

You Appreciate the Finer Things in Life.
You believe that the journey to better health doesn’t have to sacrifice comfort or luxury; in fact, it should embrace it.

the value you will get

Personalized Health & Longevity Journey

Experience a tailor-made wellness program that addresses your individual health needs and goals. You will receive a detailed, personal health blueprint that guides your entire retreat experience.

Unparalleled Expertise

Gain exclusive access to a team of world-class health professionals, from nutritionists and physiotherapists to wellness coaches and medical experts.

Comprehensive Health Screening

Benefit from an extensive array of health screenings worth over €30k in conventional healthcare markets. From detailed blood tests and full-body scans to personalized consultations and follow-ups, the retreat offers an in-depth health analysis unmatched in depth and breadth.

Cutting-Edge Treatments

Access innovative treatments and therapies that blend ancient wisdom with modern science. Whether it’s IV spa sessions, photon light therapy, or personalized fitness regimens, you’re getting the best of what science has to offer.

Holistic Health Insights

Discover new dimensions of your health through genetic testing, microbiome analysis, and sleep quality assessments..

Community and Support

Join a community of like-minded individuals on similar paths to evolving their human potential. The retreat fosters a supportive environment, encouraging connections that extend support and motivation long after the retreat concludes.


And if all this wasn’t enough, we, the Founders of Beyond Sapiens, will be there as well! 

You’ll experience the retreat together with us, all while having direct access to our 20 years of combined experience cracking the code of peak performance and human optimization

We’re looking forward to sharing this life-changing experience with you!


Alessandro Carpentiero


Founder & Co-CEO

My entrepreneurial experience spans from music, design, computer science, and photography. After traveling the world and reaching millions of people with my images, I realized there was one thing in common with each of my endeavors: optimization. After helping build a company in the personal development industry and being coached by olympic coaches, I’m now on a mission to evolving human potential through performance optimization.


Linda Grönfors M.Sc

Grönfors M.Sc

Founder & Co-CEO

I started my entrepreneurial journey at the age of 14, worked 6 jobs simultaneously at the age of 19, became a Market Leader at the age of 23, and started my first global business at the age of 25 until exploring my true passion, co-founding Beyond Sapiens at 26. Throughout my life, I’ve always prioritized healthy habits, done sports, and competed on a national level while spreading my positive energy to the people around me. So, I’m dedicating my life to really doing it all, and I am on a personal mission to unlock the unlimited potential that is inside each and every one of us.

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Please note we have only 10 spots available. We personally review each application to ensure we have a fantastic group to make this retreat an unforgettable experience!


Do you have any questions about the Beyond Sapiens Retreat? Simply email us at [email protected] or read our FAQ below for more information.

You will get the most holistic and comprehesive approach to your health & longevity. Benefits include reduced costs, the availability of the latest medical technologies, AI-based smart reports and compliance with international quality standards.

You will stay at The Leela Palace Chennai, a stunning 5-star hotel, 30 minutes from Chennai international airport, where the AIWO Wellness Center (our on-site partner) is based.

Yes, they can also participate in the retreat—just select the Double Room option! If they do not participate in the retreat program, sharing the room would cost an additional charge.

Yes! The Beyond Sapiens Retreat covers food and accommodation at the 5-star The Leela Palace Chennai, as well as laundry and airport transportation costs. Alcohol is not included, and we do not recommend taking alcohol during your stay.

You can apply online for a tourist visa by following this link: https://indianvisaonline.gov.in. If needed, we can also assist when required.

We and our on-site partner AIWO, follow ethics and privacy guidelines to protect your medical records, personal health information about therapies and mental health needs.

Yes! Both Alessandro and Linda will be at the retreat. They will also host on-site workshops to further evolve your human potential.

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