Super Founder Program

Transforming Founders Into High-Performing Leaders

Are you an impact-driven founder with an endless to-do list, not enough time, and constant pressure, forcing you to sacrifice your health and passions to scale your company? We know how that feels, and that’s why we created the fast track to overcome your limits and make a greater positive impact.

What is the Super Founder Program?

The Super Founder Program is a Human Optimization coaching program designed to transform founders and founding teams into high-performing leaders. Through personalized mental coaching, performance strategies, and health optimization, we help you effectively grow and scale your company while staying true to your mission.


what you will achieve

Our program delivers exceptional results across multiple aspects of your life:


Achieve More in Less Time

Master flow states, take control of your time, and harness your unique genius to maximize your impact.


Supercharged Energy Levels

Improve your sleep quality, boost your energy levels, and integrate healthy habits for long-term vitality and performance.


Outstanding Stress Resilience

Transform stress into a source of strength, enhance your self-awareness, and develop a mindset that supports growth and well-being.


Unlock Creative Thinking

Ignite creativity, drive innovative solutions, and cultivate a mindset that consistently drives breakthrough ideas.


Enhanced Leadership Skills

Strengthen your self-leadership, become an inspiring guide for others, and lead confidently to drive business success & impact.


Deepened Sense of Purpose

Align your personal and professional goals, grow towards your unique impact, and nurture a deep sense of fulfillment.

Choose Your super founder program

We offer three progressive programs that build upon each other to help you unlock your highest potential. Whether you’re looking for a rapid boost or a comprehensive, long-term transformation, each program includes and expands on the previous ones, providing a seamless path to personal and professional excellence. The programs can be deployed to solo founders and founding teams.

Super Founder Sprint

5 weeks to achieve a rapid boost in productivity and mental performance. This foundational program provides the essential skills and strategies that lay the groundwork for deeper transformation.

Key Benefits:
• Quickly boost your productivity and focus.
• Sharpen decision-making and mental clarity.
• Develop sustainable habits that support long-term success & impact.

Super Founder Growth

This 4-month program builds upon the previous one and takes your transformation further by integrating advanced performance strategies, stress management techniques, and health optimization, ensuring a sustained and profound impact.

Key Benefits:
• Expand your productivity and efficiency across all areas.
• Cultivate stress resilience for better mental clarity and decision-making.
• Incorporate health practices tailored to your unique bio-individuality.

Super Founder Mastery

This ultimate program offers a 12-month journey of continuous growth and transformation. It provides long-term support and sophisticated strategies to achieve leadership, health, and overall performance mastery.

Key Benefits:
• Achieve deep, ongoing changes in your personal and professional life.
• Receive long-term guidance to maintain and enhance your progress.
• Cultivate enduring habits and routines that drive lasting success.

We know what you might be thinking:

"How can I know your programs will work for me?"

Our programs are based on advanced research conducted by some of the leading academic institutions, including Harvard, NASA, and McKinsey & Company.

Our Unique Approach

Our methodology integrates personalized coaching, advanced health optimization, and performance enhancement to create a daily blueprint tailored to your unique needs, goals, and bio-individuality. This comprehensive approach ensures that you unlock your full potential without adding more work to your plate.

Why It Matters

Our comprehensive coaching transforms your mind, body, and business, enabling you to break through your current limits, achieve more efficiently, and experience profound personal and professional growth.



1-on-1 sessions to build momentum, knowledge, and expertise.


A personalized plan aligned with your bio-individuality and business objectives.


To ensure sustainable transformation.

The Science Behind Our Program

Our approach is rooted in the latest research in Neuroscience and Performance Science. We leverage scientific principles and advanced testing methods to create personalized, effective coaching sessions and blueprints.

Epigenetic Testing

Understanding gene expression and biological age helps map your current state and performance potential.


Gut Microbiome Testing​

Analyzing the critical gut-brain connection to enhance mental clarity and immune function.

Hormonal Testing

Identifying imbalances to tailor wellness strategies that boost focus, energy, and stress resilience.


Oura Ring

 Tracking sleep and stress to fine-tune daily routines for outstanding resilience.

behind the program:
the beyond sapiens method

The Beyond Sapiens Method is our science-driven approach rooted in the latest performance science and neuroscience. It is informed by cutting-edge research conducted by leading institutions, including Harvard, NASA, and McKinsey & Company. By integrating these advanced insights, our programs offer up-to-date strategies continuously refined to help you achieve your highest potential.

case studies

Hear from Our Successful Clients

Our clients have transformed their lives and businesses by going through our program. Read their stories and discover the impactful results they’ve achieved. For privacy, we’ve kept client details confidential.

Streamlined Leadership for Scaling Success

  • Who: G.M., Serial Entrepreneur
  • Challenge: Busy entrepreneur struggles to expand his business while caring for his newborn.
  • Outcome: Realigned priorities and daily habits to free up time for both business and family, leading to the successful launch of a new product line.

Health as the Foundation of Productivity

  • Who: M.W., Founder
  • Challenge: Company founder faced declining energy, affecting her leadership & work.
  • Outcome: Customized physiological optimization to improve energy levels, enabling more efficient work without late hours.

Founder Growth & Evolved Leadership

  • Who: C.N., Founder & CEO
  • Challenge: The CEO handles a wide range of responsibilities, which leads to long hours and less time invested in high-impact activities.
  • Outcome: Transitioning from managing operations to leading strategic growth and brand exposure by improving her leadership skills and streamlining workflows towards key activities.

Priority Optimization for Growth

  • Who: D.M., Founder
  • Challenge: Founder struggles to prioritize his tasks due to the overwhelm of the growth phase.
  • Outcome: Implemented strategic time management, which led to efficient business scaling and even carving out time to start authoring an industry-relevant book.


We founders have over two decades of combined experience cracking the code of peak performance and human optimization. We have tested hundreds of different approaches, protocols, and technology to find what works and what doesn’t.

We know for a fact how you can do the exact same but in a much shorter timeframe. And no matter how great you’re performing today, we can guarantee you there is a next level for your performance, and we will help you find that.


Alessandro Carpentiero


Founder & Co-CEO

My entrepreneurial experience spans from music, design, computer science, and photography. After traveling the world and reaching millions of people with my images, I realized there was one thing in common with each of my endeavors: optimization. After helping build a company in the personal development industry and being coached by olympic coaches, I’m now on a mission to evolving human potential through performance optimization.


Linda Grönfors M.Sc

Grönfors M.Sc

Founder & Co-CEO

I started my entrepreneurial journey at the age of 14, worked 6 jobs simultaneously at the age of 19, became a Market Leader at the age of 23, and started my first global business at the age of 25 until exploring my true passion, co-founding Beyond Sapiens at 26. Throughout my life, I’ve always prioritized healthy habits, done sports, and competed on a national level while spreading my positive energy to the people around me. So, I’m dedicating my life to really doing it all, and I am on a personal mission to unlock the unlimited potential that is inside each and every one of us.

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